Special concerts and workshops offered in collaboration with other artists (also see main concerts page). For full details, please email Brian Horner at bhorner@soundartistsupport.com.

The Ensemble Musician

Based on Fountain and Verrier’s new book The Ensemble Musician (GIA Publications), this three-day workshop explores six principles of ensemble playing that are transformative for instrumental groups at any level.

Dr. Lasansky, director of Denver School of the Arts orchestras, writes of his workshop experience: “During our workshop Professor Fountain presented his entire book in sessions for middle and high school music majors. I was amazed by the author’s ability to explain and demonstrate principles contained in the book in a way that was immediately comprehensible to young students. He also presented a series of games that further illustrated the concepts presented in the book. I could see by watching students’ faces that there were many ‘aha’ moments taking place!”

Love & War in Music & Letters

Developed with actor/producer Doug Fordyce, the concert is narrated by two actors and comprises letters written by combatants and their wives during various conflicts in which the USA has been engaged. The letters are set among thoughtfully selected compositions that highlight the meaning, gravity, and drama of the words, just as the words emphasize those same characteristics in the music.

The Night Sky

“Aurora Triptych,” by Canadian composer John Estacio, and Suites 1 and 2 from Ravel's "Daphnis and Chloe” are set to groundbreaking film accompaniment by Jose Francisco Salgado (KV265.org—“Communicating Science through Art”). The film features cutting-edge NASA images, astronaut photography, and the filmmaker’s own photography.

From Sea to Shore featuring multi-instrumentalist John Mock

With a bit of Celtic flair and beautiful melodies that evoke the romance and majesty of the Atlantic coasts from New England to Ireland, this show provides a unique, audience-pleasing, and economical pops offering for string or full orchestra. John’s folk/classical instrumentals, performed on guitar, mandolin, concertina, and tin whistle, are set against the stunning backdrop of his projected photography of the places that have inspired his music.

A Portrait of Ireland featuring multi-instrumentalist John Mock

The same combination of folk/classical instrumentals and projected photography as “From Sea To Shore,” but emphasizing scenes from Ireland and original and traditional Celtic music.